Holistic Wellness Consultations

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A functional medicine approach is taken to create an overall well being of self.

Together, we focus on food, herbs, mental, spiritual and emotional well being in order for your body to heal itself from diseases and create an optimal environment for health. 

 A holistic approach to proper nutrition encourages education on basic nutrition to develop a holistic diet that incorporates natural and organic foods, natural holistic supplements and food treatments for chronic health conditions.

Most protocols will include some form of basic movement and/or exercise as well as spiritual and mental exercises such as meditation.  

*Package prices do not include herb, food or supplements.  Those would need to be purchased separately.  Recommendations will be provided during consult. 

*You must supply your own lab results.  If this is not possible, there are options to get bloodwork done however, there is a fee.  

All initial protocols are delivered via email once the necessary information has been received by me. 


Consultation packages

General Wellness Consultation


This option is perfect for clients wanting to lose weight, learn more about bio-individual nutrition or to enlist help with minor issues such as acne.  

Includes (1) 1.5 hour consult via phone.

An individual protocol including additional education information delivered via email.


(1) 30 minute follow-up consultation (phone or email)

$25 rate for additional follow-up consults (up to 5 consults would qualify at this rate)

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Blood Chemistry Analysis and Consultation


Includes (1) lab result analysis based on your blood work that you have received from your doctor.  My analysis ensures that you are in optimal nutrient range.  These ranges are different than the “normal” ranges provided via your lab results.  

Includes (1) One hour consult to discuss results (phone).

Includes (1) protocol with nutrition, herbal and supplement recommendations

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Chronic Health Consultation Package (Mini Package)


This package is for clients with chronic issues such as Diabetes, etc.

(1) 1.5 hour initial consult (phone)

Individual protocol delivered via email including additional education information

(4) 30 minute follow up consultations (phone or email)

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Chronic Health Full Spectrum Consultation Package


This package is for clients with chronic issues seeking a more in-depth and longer-term approach to wellness. 

(1) 1.5 hour initial consult (phone)

Individual protocol delivered via email including additional education information.

(10) 30 minute follow up consultations (within a 6-month time frame)

2 lab result analysis (One at beginning of services and one at the 6-month frame)

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Custom 30 Day Meal Plan


Ready to tackle weight loss, disease management or simply want to make sure you are getting nutrient density in your meals?  

At the Naturalista's Kitchen, we customize a meal plan using nutrient-dense foods that you actually like to eat.

You will receive:

A customized meal plan including 3 meals per day for 30 days that focus on your goals. 

An approved list of snacks.

An easy to follow grocery store list to print and take with you. 

Personal support from from me for 30 days.

After signing up, you will receive a set of digital intake forms that can be filled out via computer/phone. 

Once those forms have been completed, you will be emailed your customized 30 day meal plan within 72 hours. 

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Wellness Coaching


As a trained wellness coach through the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway program, I use an integrative approach to supporting your physical, mental and spiritual goals.  The goal of each session is to encourage bringing balance between these systems so that you can live life to your full potential.  We focus on the root cause of disturbances so that harmony can be achieved.  Some common areas that wellness coaching deals with are:

Finding true purpose of self/Connecting to higher self

Disease Management 

Personal Goals

Professional Goals

Chakra Balancing

Self Love/Ability To Love Others

Creating a Clear Vision For Your Life


Any issue can be addressed.  During your session, I will help you work through issues of your choosing. 

Together, we will create attainable and achievable goals.  With my support, you can move past fear, self doubt and unhealthy habits to make the necessary changes so that you can live your best life. 

Also as a clinical herbalist and herbal alchemist, I use some of the following tools to help you achieve your goals:




Crystal Healing



Spiritual Exercises

Self Care Practices

Delivery of Extra Educational Materials

Initial sessions are 1-1.5 hours long.  Follow up sessions are 30 minutes and can be scheduled as often as you would like.  If extra information needs to be delivered outside of the session, that information will be emailed to you.  

Once a consultation is ordered, you will be contacted via email to schedule your sessions.  Session delivery includes phone, email and Skype. 

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